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Application Development

We develop and build business-critical applications that satisfy the unique challenges of your enterprise. We understand your business.

The ability to respond to changes quickly and efficiently is critical to the success of any organization. Businesses are putting increasing pressure on their Enterprise IT organizations to keep pace with the accelerating demands of the marketplace. As application platforms evolve, IT organizations face unprecedented complexity at a time of significant cost and performance pressures.
New engagement models are required to support an application landscape that is ever-increasing in size and complexity. These engagement models and competencies have to address the seamless transitions between development, quality assurance and support. RV Info Tech can help IT organizations to:

  • Map out development, quality and support needs across a diverse set of technology platforms and models.
  • Utilize leading tools and approaches to tackle complex development and integration tasks without disrupting the existing production landscape
  • Provide roadmaps and specific approaches to modernize or transform current business applications
  • Provide dedicated expertise through a mix of onsite/nearshore/offshore teams to extend the capacity and expertise of the internal IT organization, at a significant cost and time to market advantage

RV Info Tech Advantages:

Working with the best industry experts, business analysts, and architects work with business owners and stakeholders to capture, formalize and assess project requirements, and identify critical needs of your project. The focus on understanding your business, environment and infrastructure, allows us to offer optimal solutions that are consistent with your IT and business strategies.

  • Using right information: Our direct product development experience helps us understand the foundation of your IT infrastructure and tools, while providing you with access to a broad range of technology skills.Our deep understanding of enterprise application integration (EAI), service oriented architectures (SOA), master data management (MDM), and other key components enables us to design solutions well integrated into the enterprise landscape.
  • Methodology: Our methodologies for learning IT systems in operation and extracting knowledge and business rules from legacy and undocumented code. We document our findings and help create efficient maintenance and/or incremental migration/re-engineering strategies without disrupting your production processes which depend on these legacy applications.
  • Experience: RV Info Tech's portfolio of project management tools and our Global Delivery Ecosystem provide complete transparency into our development process. Coupled with progress reporting and risk management practices, these tools ensure that you have full visibility into the progress and dependencies on every project – thus minimizing risks throughout the entire SDLC process. We map development metrics to business KPIs and provide SLAs that guarantee continuity and performance.